The Most Beautiful Autumnal Landscapes in Spain
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The Most Beautiful Autumnal Landscapes in Spain

Fall is already here, and it’s a season that has a lot to offer in Spain, especially when it comes to landscapes. Where can we find these special places where we can stroll through recently fallen, red and orange leaves? Read on:

La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia, Castile and León). Known for being a place where kings go to rest, this is a beautiful landscape to enjoy year-round; but in the autumn the rolling hills surrounding the man-made lake called “El Mar (“The Sea”) really stand out.

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park (Huesca, Aragon). This is the second oldest national park in Spain (it was declared a national park in 1918). In it, you can find extraordinary forests and hiking trails… and if you pay attention you’ll be sure to see an example of the magnificent fauna that live there!

El valle del Jerte (Jerte valley) (Cáceres, Extremadura). This site is famous for the beautiful cherry blossoms you can see there; but it is not only spectacular in the spring. It turns into a magical place in the fall, full of green streaked with orange and gold. It’s a place where you could use your phone’s entire memory just taking pictures.

Selva de Irati (Navarra). The north of Spain is rich in mythology; and if you walk through this landscape you’ll understand why. It’s a fairytale landscape where it seems strange not to cross paths with some spirit or mythical creature.

Los Alcornocales Natural Park (between Cadiz and Malaga, Andalusia). Because of how hot it usually is in the south of Spain, you might think forests would not form part of this landscape… but Los Alcornocales Park is proof that there are evocative, green environments in Andalusia too! And of course, if you go in the fall, you’ll witness the amazing mating rituals of the deer there.

Sierra de Gredos (Avila, Castile and León). Only 80 kilometers from Madrid you’ll find this little known spot in the Central System ideal for hiking, or for collecting mushrooms in the fall. Of course, if you choose to do the later, be sure to always have a mycological expert to accompany you!

Ribeira Sacra (between Lugo and Orense, Galicia). The fascinating Galicia couldn’t be left off of this list. The Ribeira Sacra is spectacular in its simplicity which is amplified by its many examples of medieval, religious architecture. And of course, remember this is one of the best wine-making regions in Spain.

We’re sure you’ll love the autumnal landscapes in Spain. They might even change your mind about your favorite time of year!

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