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The most attractive Spanish men

Spaniards are famous for being attractive. In general, women find men from Mediterranean countries to be charming and alluring. It’s common to see Spaniards and Italians modeling for top names in fashion shows.

Two models with years of successful experience in the business stand out from the rest: Andres Velencoso and Jon Kortajarena. 36 year old Andres Velencoso has worked in ad campaigns for Chanel Alloure Homme and Louis Vuitton. The masculine and attractive model with Mediterranean features was once romantically linked to Kylie Minogue. Despite Jon Kortajarena’s young age (29 years old), he’s already become one of the most international Spanish models. He has an intense gaze that photographers love and he’s also done film work. He’s often asked by the most famous brands to promote their products.

Antonio Banderas has been one of Spain’s most recognized handsome men for decades. With an extensive Hollywood career and a famous relationship with Melanie Griffith, he has also been one of the most famous Spaniards on an international level. The actor Javier Bardem also attracts attention. He’s a man who reflects the perfect example of a tough Spaniard with plenty of character. He’s a great actor who has won an Oscar and has been nominated for one on two other occasions. His unusual nose and sensual mouth are irresistible and they help him project a unique image.

Xabi Alonso is famous for his soccer skills, but he’s also well known for his good looks. As a cultured man with legions of female fans independent of the team he plays for, Xabi Alonso shatters stereotypes about athletes. His excellent physical health, his elegance, and his striking eyes help characterize his identity. Men like him are the reason that many women become fans of Spain’s most popular sport.  

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