Amusement parks in Spain
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Which are the best amusement parks in Spain?

With the arrival of good weather, amusement parks are beginning to open for the coming season. These parks are becoming more valued as a prime leisure option for many Spanish families.

Even though Spain does not have an internationally recognized amusement park like Disneyland or Legoland, we do have some fantastic amusement parks that will definitely get our adrenaline rushing.

The following amusement parks are what we consider to be the best parks in Spain:

Port Aventura

Not only is this the best amusement park in Spain, it is also on the list as one of the best parks in the world. This park is also one of the most visited in Europe.
This is not a coincidence since PortAventura is located less than an hour away from Barcelona and has a large number of attractions for people of any age.
The park is divided into six themed areas: Mediterrània, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Far West y Sésamo Aventura (a Sesame Street theme). This last area is for children and is the park's most recent incorporation.
But this is not the park's only new feature. In 2016, PortAventura will inaugurate FerrariLand, a new addition to this theme park dedicated to the legendary car manufacturer.
Port Aventura also has a water park (Costa Caribe Aquatic Park), a golf course and four theme hotels.

Parque Warner Madrid

The Parque Warner is located a short distance south of the capital city of Madrid and is divided into five themed areas and inspired by Warner Bros. movies and productions.
This park has more than 36 rides, many of which are the only ones of their kind found in Europe. An example of this is the freefall tower, the second highest in the world. There are also six roller coasters, four of which are only for the bravest people.
Here, you will also find many attractions and activities for the youngest visitors making this an ideal free time option for the entire family.

Isla Mágica

Isla Mágica is the smallest park on this list but it enjoys a great advantage—it is located next to downtown Seville. That makes this amusement one of the few in the world located within a large urban center.
The entire park is united by a theme centered on the discovery of America and has many fun attractions that the entire family can enjoy.
The park also has different water rides that are ideal for refreshing oneself in summer. Since last year, the park has a new water park: Agua Mágica.

Terra Mítica

Terra mítica, in Benidorm, is a theme park that is divided into areas base on some of the great ancient civiliazations. Although this park has run into economic problems in the past, this year the park will open with all of its attractions working and ready for the public.
This year the park will divide itself into two areasTerra Mítica and Iberia Park.

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