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Intensive Plus Spanish Course

Our Intensive Spanish course is perfect for students looking to make a solid and quick progress in Spanish. You will be able to combine 20 interactive Spanish lessons per week with 5 extra conversation classes. Mingle with locals and join in during their lively conversations in everyday Spanish. You’ll benefit from a personalized and student-centered approach to teaching where professors and students are actively engaged in the learning experience.

With he Intensive Plus Courses you will work on every interpretive and expressive skills while increasing cultural knowledge :

  • Listening: Students practice listening techniques and strategies to understand oral messages and increase listening comprehension.
  • Reading: Increase understanding of written content and reading comprehension through an active learning process including the studying of spelling rules, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Speaking: The development of speaking skills focuses on the student’s ability to express themselves verbally and maintain a coherent conversation.
  • Writing: Mechanisms for communicating correctly in writing are worked through a variety of activities and exercises.
  • Lexicon: The understanding of words and grammar is fundamental to understand and produce texts. Development of lexicon is an important teaching priority.

Course Description

Starting Dates Every Monday, year-round
Lessons per week 25 lessons per week
DurationFrom 1 week
LevelsAll levels, from beginner to advanced
Lesson Duration 55 min.
Class Size Max. 10 students per Spanish class.

Who takes this course?

Designed for students looking to improve their Spanish level quickly and effectively in a dynamic and interactive course that provides them with the flexibility they need to explore the city and culture.


Why and intensive Spanish Plus Course?

Our goal is to equip you with the skills and concepts necessary to feel comfortable in any Spanish speaking environment. Our VIVE EL ESPAÑOL educational System is an innovative and personalized learning method that blends classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion.

We believe that our students learn in different ways, therefore we incorporate a wide range of activities and teaching methodologies that are designed to create an interactive and stimulating learning environment.

2017 Prices and Practical Information

  • Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla, Granada, Valencia, Tenerife*
  • Price List

    DurationionSuper Intensive Plus - 25 classes
    1-4 weeks€ 189
    +5 weeks€ 179
    +12 weeks€ 169
    +32 weeks€ 159

    Add specialized coures to your intensive program

    CoursesPrice per week
    +5 Group classes50€
    +5 DELE preparation classes€ 85
    + 1 Private class€ 40
    +5 Private classes€ 180
    +10 Private classes320€
    +1 Online private class18€
    + 5 Clases privadas online€ 80
    +10 Online private classes€ 150
    + 5 clases de español con visita turística€ 50
    + Internship (minimum of 8 weeks)€ 695
    + Visit traditional Spanish celebrations€ 120

    Practical Information

    DurationFrom 1 week
    ClassesMaximum 10 students
    Start datesAny Monday, all year round
    LevelAll Levels
    Age RangeMinimum 14 years old
    Minutes per lesson55
  • * A surcharge of € 40 per week will be applied at our Tenerife location.

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