Latin Dance Lessons
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The fun Latin dance lessons that we offer in our school will help you learn the steps and beats of some of Latin America's most popular dances. Lessons last for an hour and are taken with a specialized dance instructor from a local dance academy. Lessons are generally divided between three Latin dance styles: Salsa, Bachata and Merengue.


The Bachata is an eight-count dance sequence moving in a square (Dominican style) or from side to side (European or American style). It can be performed in an open or closed position, depending on the mood. The male partner leads the female with gentle pushes and pulls to communicate which way to move or turn. The style, which originates in the Dominican Republic, involves a walking Cuban hip motion and what's known as a "pop". The "pop" depends on each dancer's style and can be done by lifting or tapping a foot or using stylish footwork while popping the hip to the opposite side.


Salsa involves a pattern of six steps performed over eight counts of music. It has a side-to-side feel that consists of left-right-left, pause, then right-left-right-pause, etc. During the pause, some sort of personal touch is added, such as a stomp, a kick or a hand movement. The dance is largely done in place and does not involve a lot of movement from one end of the dance floor to the other.


Merengue is a Latin dance with a two-step beat in which partners hold each other in a closed position. The leading dancer, generally the man, holds the waist of the partner, generally the woman, with his right hand while also holding the woman's right hand with his left at eye level.

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