Why Enforex?

30+ Schools in Spain & Latin America

At Enforex we guarantee that you will have an experience beyond imagination full of enticing activities, thrilling adventures, and friends from all over the world. And the best part? We make learning Spanish fun and easy — just ask our alumni

Experience the World

Don't just see the world – experience it! We have language schools in 32 destinations in 13 countries, all located in the best neighborhoods where you will become part of the local community. You can even mix and match destinations at no extra cost!

International Environment

A dog says “guau” in Spanish and “meong” in Korean?! Just think of all the hilarious and interesting things you will be learning surrounded by native Spanish teachers and other students from over 85 countries! At Enforex we embrace an international environment and dynamic student life, giving you the opportunity to practice Spanish, learn about other cultures, and make lifelong friends from around the world!

Insider Knowledge

Enforex has been teaching Spanish for over 30 years! Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers, and along with our local staff, they are passionate about what they do and are eager to show you all the hidden secrets of the language, city, and culture. We will be taking you off the beaten track to places you won't find in any tourist guide. You will be learning Spanish spoken by real people around the world, far beyond what you could learn by staying at home.

We've got you covered!

Don’t worry about anything — we love planning the perfect trip for our students. Leave it to us to take care of airport transfers, housing, activities, excursions, and meal plans. And whenever you need something — before, during, or after your trip — we are available with a dedicated 24-hour support team.

Personalized Courses

We can even personalize your schedule and Spanish classes to fit your unique personality and learning style. We offer over 20 different courses to meet your budget, schedule, goals, and interests. Want an official certification to complement your amazing abroad experience? Need some one-on-one classes? Want to attend a Spanish fiesta, take online classes from home, or jump into a super intensive Spanish immersion? We’ve got it all!

Supportive Environment

Everyone here wants to see you thrive! We focus on cultivating a supportive and friendly environment where you feel comfortable and don't worry about making mistakes. Teachers, staff, host families, roommates, and students become friends and quickly feel like family. You will be chatting away with everyone in Spanish after just a few classes!

Learning Made Easy

Get ready for many new experiences inside and outside of the classroom that make learning Spanish a breeze! Our qualified teachers create fun, dynamic lesson plans that will get you speaking Spanish quickly. Take what you learn in class and apply it to life in the city, where you will be learning and communicating with ease during your daily routine.

An Unmatched Experience

Enforex welcomes over 35,000 students to Spain and Latin America each year, and we ensure that each person lives the experience they dreamed of. It's our passion, enthusiasm for international travel, and our caring teachers and staff that make it all possible.

Adventure is the Best Way to Learn

Enforex loves a good adventure, and we believe deeply in learning by doing. This is why we organize exciting activities and excursions specifically created for students. We'll help you experience the local way of life, practice language skills, delve deep into fascinating history, learn the city's quirks, and explore stunning natural sites around our schools.

Open Year-Round

At Enforex, there's no need to worry about when semesters begin or end. We offer ultimate flexibility — you can start your Spanish course any Monday of the year! We even have a Winter Break program, so if you'd like to celebrate the holidays abroad, all the festivities give you lots of great ways to get immersed in the local culture.

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