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Study Spanish abroad in Spain with Enforex. Take the opportunity to discover a country full of culture, history, and incredible cuisine, while improving your level of Spanish. Explore some of Spain's most famous and mythical cities, live with locals and study Spanish abroad surrounded by stunning landscapes.

An incredible and special country that will capture your heart from the moment you arrive. Full of surprises around every corner, it is a dynamic place with infinite possibilities.

Enjoy everything you could possibly look for in a place to live good weather, a vibrant social life, the best food in the world, friendly locals, rich culture and traditions, a fascinating history, and a varied landscape from the lush mountains of the north to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Enforex has schools in 11 destinations at the most beautiful and emblematic cities of Spain:

Explore Spain with Enforex

It is easy to see why Spain is a popular destination for expats, tourists, and study abroad-ers. Most people come for the sun and sand but end up returning (or staying forever!) for its friendly, life-loving people and high quality of life. What better country to study Spanish abroad than its birthplace, a land that is home to a vibrant and fun group of people, gorgeous landscapes, and the best food in the world (or at least we think so)!

Spain makes up the majority of the Iberian Peninsula, with 17 autonomous regions. There are various communities that are incredibly proud of their heritage and regional languages (such as Catalan in Barcelona — but don't worry, they speak Spanish as well!). The influence throughout a long history of Roman, Arabian, and Catholic rule and world-famous artists like Picasso, Dalí, and Gaudí make for fascinating legends, eccentric architecture, and whimsical designs in each city.

And last, but certainly not least, the Spanish people love to party! Get ready for a great time filled with late nights, sunrises, a new-found lust for life, and thrilling new experiences!

Best place to study abroad in Spain: Enforex

All our schools are equipped with everything you need to study Spanish abroad in Spain and share the following signature Enforex benefits:

  • Open all year round
  • Multilingual staff and reception desk
  • Modern yet cozy facilities
  • Central location
  • Computers with free internet access
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • Accommodations at a maximum of 30 minutes from the school
  • Library services
  • Common student areas
  • Classrooms with ample natural light

Each school has its own unique characteristics. Some are large, multi-story buildings while others are more intimate. Some have roof terraces, and others are just a stone's throw from the beach or have a school café. All of them offer a wide range of excursions and activities. Find your best option!

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