Best Places to See Flamenco
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The Best Places to See Flamenco

Flamenco is one of the most widespread musical genres in Spain. In fact, there is not a city in Spain where you cannot enjoy a good “tablao” with shows every week. However, there are some places in particular where the best quality flamenco can always be seen. The following are some of the best tablaos in Spain for seeing great Flamenco.

Flamenco in Andalusia
Because of cultural and historical tradition, Andalusia has brought together the best of Spanish flamenco making it the autonomous community where the most tablaos can be found.
As you might expect, Seville is one of the best places for tablaos in all of Andalusia. Within Seville, the neighborhood Triana stands out, and it couldn’t be any other way, since it is home to the tablaos El Mantoncillo, La Carbonería and the Sala Flamenco, which offer the best shows of the year, combining tradition and experience with bold new styles.
If looking for another traditional Flamenco destination, Jerez is a great option. The International Flamenco Festival of Jerez, celebrated in the city every year, brings together thousands of flamenco fans to enjoy the tradition with the best performing professionals around.
In Granada, flamenco has also always been part of the Andalusian culture. However, it can now only be seen in the city in shows organized by La Platería (the oldest flamenco club in the country). Another option that’s a little less purist, but which is equally attractive, is going to the cultural caves or cuevas, such as the Cueva de la Rocío, Cueva de Juan Habichuela or Cueva de Curro Albaicín, where you can sometimes find surprise flamenco shows.
Lastly, in Cordoba you can find the best flamenco guitar in the world. This city is considered the world’s capital in the genre, and not without merit. However, shows now depend on the active program for each month, and because of that, there is not a fixed spot where the mastery of these artists can always be seen.

Flamenco in Madrid
Outside of Andalusia, Madrid is the city where you can find the most quality flamenco in the country.  In fact, because of the variety and frequency of shows, it is the place that all the best artists choose to showcase their best performances.
The most famous flamenco tablaonot only in Madrid, but internationally, is the Corral de la Morería, visited by painters, writers and other types of musicians, as well as politicians, royalty and all types of celebrities.

Flamenco in Barcelona
In Barcelona, cultural diversity allows one to enjoy authentic and quality flamenco at times, although the list of artists is much more limited and shows are announced less frequently than in other cities. To count on a good show, the Tablao Cordobés or the Solera Café are your best bets for finding flamenco at a classic spot.

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