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Learn Spanish: Intensive Course

Want to get the most out of your experience abroad, learn Spanish quickly and explore a new culture? Enroll in one of our Spanish Intensive courses! You can choose to take 20 or 25 classes per week to get you communicating right away. You can even mix-and-match destinations at no extra cost and experience even more incredible places. Join Enforex for the experience of a lifetime!

Course OptionsLessons/ week# weeks
Intensive Course20Minimum 1
Intensive Plus20+5Minimum 1

Our Intensive Spanish Courses can be taken by themselves or combined with one of our specialized programs in small groups of 10 students or less. Our supportive academic and social community is oriented to helping you make the most out of your stay with us.

Who takes Intensive Spanish course?

Our Intensive Spanish courses are perfect for adventurous students who are looking to improve their level of Spanish quickly by experiencing a new culture. With our Intensive course, you’ll get a well-rounded education based on fun, interactive activities with enthusiastic teachers and other students from around the world.

You might be surprised by your new-founded ability to speak Spanish! Even beginners begin speaking within the first week of Enforex classes. Our supportive environment encourages everyone to leave any insecurities and doubts at the door and to have really have fun speaking Spanish.

Who takes Intensive Spanish Plus course?

Want even more class time? Enforex offers an Intensive Plus course perfect for students who still want that same great experience and are in a hurry to take their skills to the next level!

If you are dedicated, this course adds five conversation classes per week and is guaranteed to give your fluency a major boost! Enforex classes are fun and always based on interactive activities, so you will be gaining confidence and skills constantly.

  • +5 Spanish and sightseeing lessons
  • 1 Online lesson
  • 1 private class
  • 10 Online lessons
  • 10 private classes
  • 5 Online lessons
  • 5 private classes
  • 5 weekly dele exam preparation lessons
  • Experience Spanish fiestas
  • Internship program
  • One private class

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