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Spanish Teacher's Online Training Course
(Price per 2 weeks)

Enrich your classroom

Do you want to raise your career? With our online live training for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language you will learn in international context, 100% practical and in the comfort of your own home.

Week scheduleMethodology and mentoring lessons: Monday to Thursday
Observation and proyects lessons: Monday to Friday
Lessons per week12 lessons of methodology and mentoring + 4 hours of observation + 4 hours of projects
Lessons duration55 min.
Course DurationMinimum 2 weeks
LevelsMinimum advanced (B2)
Class SizeSmall groups max 10. *High season max.12
TimetableMethodology and mentoring lessons: 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Madrid CST)
Observation and proyects lessons:Within working hours, talk to your assigned teacher to specify a schedule.

Observe, do, teach


Our online program for teachers is focused on teachers who wish to advance in their careers, update and improve their teaching methods and who also want to share their learning experience with other Spanish teachers from around the world.

This is a training program for adventurous ELE teachers looking to take their professional career to another level.


Our 2-week online program is 100% practical with group sessions of Spanish teaching methodology and mentoring, 3 hours daily, 4 times a week (which are available during weekdays from Monday to Thursday). If you prefer study in the afternoon, our timetable is available starting at 7:00pm (taking Madrid, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong as a reference).

You will also have a total of 8, fully individualized and flexible, observation hours in immersive online Spanish language lessons. Participants will have to present their projects in the final session of 8 hours. Last but not least, you can customize your Observation and Projects lessons, so you will be able to perform these when suits you the best from Monday to Friday (within working hours, talk to your assigned teacher to specify a schedule).

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