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The restaurants. The museums. The theatres. The nightlife. The hustle and bustle. The attractions. The shopping. There's no two ways about it: if you want action, big cities are where you're going to find it!

If you're looking to spend time in Spanish destination in which you'll constantly be surrounded by things to do, see and experience then our Major City Route may be just what you're looking for. You will have the opportunity to spend a week immersed in each of Spain's three largest cities - Barcelona, Valencia & Madrid - enjoying all that they have to offer.

So why spend time in Spain's big cities? The advantages are endless, but here are just a few that stand out:

    Culture vultures will be amazed by the sheer amount of museums, galleries, exhibitions, theatres and other cultural venues thoughout major cities just begging to be explored.
    You'll be in your element if you're a night owl, as the nocturnal scene in these big Spanish cities doesn't quiet down until the sun comes up - literally! From laid-back tapas bars to live music pubs, posh cocktail locales, all-night discotecas and everything in between, turning in early is simply not an option.
    Foodies will have a huge selection of restaurants in which to sample local specialties, not to mention dishes from regions throughout Spain.
  • VIBE.
    Major cities almost always have a significant population of people from elsewhere, be it other regions of Spain or other countries. This results in a friendly, open atmosphere in which anyone from anywhere is welcome.
    If you're a sports fan, history shows us that major cities almost always have the best teams. It's no different in Spain, where Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, F.C. Barcelona and Valencia C.F. constantly enjoy success and huge fan bases. Pack into the local bar for beers and cheers or catch the game in person at the home stadium.
  • MUSIC.
    Big cities draw in big acts, have tons of music venues and terrific underground music scenes. Simple as that!
    One of the great things about major cities is that they're always major transportation hubs with numerous connections to other towns and cities. Travel is a cinch from these Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid via air, rail or road and paves the way for all sorts of excursions, weekend trips, etc.

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CitiesBarcelona > Valencia > Madrid
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