Spanish Levels - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
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Spanish Levels with Enforex

Enforex organizes our courses into 6 different levels of Spanish. This structure follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes. Additionally, Enforex's 6 levels correspond exactly to the U.S. university system, so that you may receive credits from your home school.

Each level, with the exception of level 6 (Proficiency), is divided into sublevels varying from lesser to greater linguistic knowledge. This is to ensure you're situated in the exact level where you should be. We'll assess your Spanish level on the first day of class with a written and oral placement test.

You can also assess your level online right now, although you will take the test on upon arrival in Spain regardless: Online Spanish Test.

A1: Basic (SPA 101)

You will learn how to form fundamental grammatical and communicative structures in Spanish, such as greetings, talking about yourself, giving an opinion, conjugating verbs in the present tense, describing yourself and others and talking about likes and dislikes, among other skills.

A2 Elementary (SPA 102)

This Spanish level is for those students who have some previous knowledge of basic Spanish structures. You will increase your level of grammar and vocabulary and be able to express yourself functionally in various communicative contexts.

B1: Intermediate (SPA 201-202)

This Spanish level is designed for students who already have a general command of some of the more complex structures in the Spanish language and a good vocabulary base.You will make the leap from expressing yourself at a functional level to achieving a certain level of fluency in the language, accompanied by a greater comprehension of the Spanish way of life.

B2: Advanced (SPA 301-302)

Students at the advanced level already feel comfortable communicating in social situations and speak with a certain degree of fluency. You will largely expand upon your ability to debate and express opinions in detail; to link phrases and sentences cohesively; and to converse about more specific topics outside the realm of commonplace linguistic interchanges.

C1: Superior (SPA 400+)

This Spanish level is for students who already have a solid grasp of the Spanish language and are able to communicate effectively. You will learn to express your ideas at a more abstract level by perfecting your grammar skills and dominating idioms, as well as gain a wider knowledge of Spanish culture.

C2: Proficiency (SPA 400+)

This Spanish level is for those students with a high command of the Spanish language who want to perfect all areas of linguistic proficiency in order to fully become bilingual. You will focus on refining your oral and written skills while developing a global perspective of Spanish culture in relation to your particular field of interest.

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