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If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Spain you’ve always imagined, then this is the Travel & Learn route for you.  The southern region of Andalucía is the heart of such quintessential facets of Spanish culture as tapas, bullfighting and flamenco. The picturesque cities and towns dispersed throughout this landscape of olive groves are winding labyrinths of whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets, castles, pretty churches and elaborate palaces, all of it boasting a unique mix of Christian and Islamic influences that have rubbed off on everything from the food to the music, the architecture and more.

Embark on our four-city “Flamenco Route”, which will take you throughout the heart of Andalucía - Marbella to Granada and Sevilla - before finishing up in the Spanish capital of Madrid, where the nation’s top flamenco musicians and dancers perform in venues both large and small. You can even learn flamenco singing, guitar playing or dance on the side and really impress your friends and family when you return home.

Accompany your Spanish language immersion experience with a taste of all that makes Spain, and particularly Andalucía, so intoxicatingly charming: delicious cuisine, larger-than-life festivals, picturesque towns, timed-honored traditions, Mediterranean beaches, castles and palaces straight off the pages of a fairy tale, passionate flamenco and much more.

Flamenco Route Characteristics

CitiesMarbella > Granada > Sevilla > Madrid
Course Options 8 lessons per week with optional Spanish courses
Dates & Duration4 weeks, starting any Monday!
Package Prices4 unique Spanish cities
4 weeks of flamenco lessons
4 weeks in student accommodation
4 weeks of unbeatable facilities, professors & services
Starting at just 1.530€!

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