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It takes more than seeing one city to truly grasp the vast diversity of Spain and Spaniards are quick to point out that there are “many Spains”. While we would recommend dedicating months and even years to truly experience Spain, we’re also realistic and understand that few people have the time, the finances and/or the lifestyle that permits such a thing. That’s why we’ve rounded up three wonderful yet vastly different Spanish destinations into our “A Bit of Everything Route”.

Your first stop will be Salamanca, located in the southwest corner of the region of Castilla y León. Known as Spain’s “Golden City”, Salamanca is an architectural wonderland of Renaissance and Baroque buildings, all constructed of the same glimmering golden sandstone. Its university, founded in 1218, is one of the oldest in the world and turned Salamanca into one of the four “leading lights” of academia, along with the universities of Bologna, Oxford and Paris. You’ll get to sample rural Spanish cuisine, bask in the city’s centuries-old intellectual vibe, party it up in one of Spain’s most famous nightlife scenes, admire resplendent buildings and enjoy the familiarity of a small Spanish city.

Next up is Granada, a jewel of a city located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the region of Andalucía. As the final stronghold of Spain’s once-mighty Islamic kingdom, Granada is where Christian Spain meets Islamic Spain... and the results are breathtaking. While the city boasts a massive cathedral and the elaborately adorned resting place of Catholic Monarchs Fernando and Isabel, the city is brimming with influences of its Arabic past: winding streets, whitewashed houses, marketplaces, exotic tea houses, an old Islamic quarter… the list goes on. However, the star of the show - and Spain’s top tourist attraction - is without a doubt La Alhambra. Seat of the Nasrid dynasty until they succumbed in 1492 to the Spanish Reconquest, La Alhambra is a massive, sumptuously decorated and infinitely mysterious complex of Arabic palaces and gardens that overlook the city from their hilltop perch.

You will finish up this Travel & Learn route in the undeniably exciting city of Barcelona. Located in the region of Cataluña and on the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona, is a hip, sophisticated and eclectic city packed with all sorts of sights and cultural venues. Along with the world famous Las Ramblas, Barcelona is home to one of Spain’s most beautiful Gothic quarters yet also lends itself to the funky Art Nouveau buildings by Antoni Gaudi and others whose imaginative, curvy and colorful structures help to provide Barcelona with its defining aesthetic identity. Throw in Mediterranean beaches, a rockin’ nightlife, avant garde cuisine, a wildly successful football team and world-class museums, and Barcelona makes for an unbeatable place to wrap up a visit to Spain.

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