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Learn Spanish in Latin America

Latin America, home to more than 525 million inhabitants, is a diverse landscape united by a common language: Spanish. Each country and region has something different to offer – be it cultural, ethnic or geographic – and Enforex’s locations aim to reflect this diversity and afford our students the opportunity to get to know a place unlike any they’ve known before.

Enforex encourages students to discover Latin America's most fascinating destinations. That's why we offer programs in numerous cities dispersed throughout 11 Latin American countries. Discover the natural wonders of Patagonia from our Spanish school in Bariloche, Argentina; use our school in Cusco, Peru as a base to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu; or kick back on the beaches just steps away from our schools in Coronado, Costa Rica or Sosua, Dominican Republic.

There's something for everyone in Latin America; start planning now to come learn Spanish in Latin America with Enforex!

Discover 11 countries and more than 20 destinations in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Learn about our schools, accommodations, courses and services in Latin America below!

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