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Our school in the town of the Turia river offers high quality Spanish courses. Valencia also offers a wide selection of courses for you to choose from, so that there is something to suit any one of our students. Whether it is a general or culture based course, an intensive one, or a particular subject that you are looking for, we can offer courses for any aspect of the Spanish language that you are looking to study! This will really help you to get the kind of learning that you need, as well as offering you the chance to really enjoy yourself as all of our lessons are set up to be lively and full of entertainment in order to be more conducive to learning.

Below is a list of courses which you can choose from if you want to study in Valencia in particular. Each course will offer something different, so we suggest that you follow the links provided to get a more detailed perspective before deciding on which course to pursue. There is a wide variety of courses to select from that are tailored to your needs! The city of culture and science is a great one to study in right now as it has recently undergone a lot of changes which have led to the creation of a more modern and exciting city, with lots of new attractions for you to explore in your time away from class as well as plenty of older landmarks and historic sites which will catch your attention. All of these things can be explored as part of your extracurricular activities provided by the school if you would like to sign up for them!

If you want to focus on learning, however, we also have study facilities available on site including a library and computer lab which you can use. These will allow you to get some extra study done whenever you would like to, and you are sure to have a lot to think about after spending the day in class! Our lessons are designed not just to give you as much information as possible within a short amount of time, but also to ensure that you retain that information and that you are able to really use the language in a working sense once you have finished your language course with us – no matter what level you were starting at, as we offer lessons from those who are just beginning right the way through to those who would almost consider themselves to be experts already.

The following Spanish courses are the ones which are offered in Valencia. Please use the links below to consult complete program information and see which of them is going to be the right one for you – and remember, you can also choose from a variety of accommodation options and extras in order to complete your package and get the study holiday which will give you exactly what you need.

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