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There are as many reasons to take a Spanish course in Spain as there are people taking them, and Madrid is most often at the centre of that discussion. Every person is a world of their own and no two worlds are ever exactly the same as each other. We at Enforex are conscious of this, and for this very reason we have set out to offer the largest possible selection of courses, covering the widest array of preferences, to make certain we have covered the bases for all kinds of people.

So why don't you take a look below and discover the great selection of courses we have put together for you in our school in Madrid. Browse through the more than twenty options available in our school in the capital of the kingdom and choose the one that is just right for you – we are confident you will find it! And you won't regret your decision, either, because if you are one to enjoy the hectic life of a large metropolitan city, then Madrid is definitely not going to let you down. So what better way to enjoy life, than learning? Here's a brief account of each of our programs:

  • General Intensive Spanish Courses
  • intensive-courses

    Our generic course, this is the most flexible and widest-scoped program in the market. Conceived for those with a generalist attitude towards the language, our Intensive and Super Intensive courses can be taken on a full or part time basis, combined with cultural lessons (focused on Spanish culture beyond the language) or without them, for a period of time from one to twelve weeks, as a Long Duration course or as a semester abroad. Interestingly, this program allows you to travel through Spain and to continue your classes unhampered in any of our twelve schools in the country for no additional cost. In other words, you are the one doing the learning, and, therefore, you are the boss!

  • Special Spanish Courses
  • We have as many as seven discrete programs of special Spanish courses in Madrid, each of them conceived with a different need in mind. Among them, the one-on-one course is especially popular, with individual classes given to students or, on exceptional cases to groups of two students. Also prominent among our special programs are those envisioned to cater for students, such as the DELE and the PAU preparation courses, or the University Placement course. Finally, our Christmas course, spanning the holidays in the city, is a great alternative to the same old story during the festive season.

  • Active Spanish Courses
  • Active Courses

    We understand that for some the prospect of sitting and studying or reading for hours on end is as daunting as anything imaginable. It is for these sort of people for whom we have come up with the Leisure and Activities Spanish Course, a program that combines the best aspects of real-life Spanish culture in each of our destination with a good measure of Spanish language classes. In our school in Madrid, the course combines the ins and outs of verbal tenses with the steps that go with the different palos of Flamenco, a truly emblematic, demanding and fun portion of Spanish culture.

  • Business & Professional Spanish Courses
  • Within the context of an ever-more globalized world, the importance of Spanish, a language spoken by close to 500 million native people, is becoming more evident by the minute in the corporate environment of the 21st century. At Enforex, our offer of Business Spanish courses includes individual classes for executives, as well as a specialized program of Business Spanish sponsored by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Similarly, general Spanish courses followed by unpaid internships are also available.

  • Junior Spanish Programs
  • Thinking about children often means thinking about their parents first. Our language school in Madrid has thought about them both, offering a diversified version of our General Intensive Spanish course with teenagers in mind. At the same time, we offer a study abroad program for children over the age of 13 years, which features the unique experience of learning in a different country within the strict set up of an academic institution. Additionally, summer camps are also available through the summer months in the city, for a perfect holiday for the little ones and not so little ones!

The following Spanish courses are offered in Madrid. Please use the links below to consult complete program information.

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