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Study Spanish in Pamplona, Spain

Though it may be very famous for an event which takes place once a year and is not much known beyond that, Pamplona is so much more than "San Fermines" and the Running of the Bulls. While you may want to make sure that you study around the time of this well publicised event, you can also stay at other times of year in order to get to know the true face of Pamplona: a tranquil and safe city with a very high quality of life, phenomenal local and traditional cuisine, and a lively night scene which means the city never sleeps for long, perfect for enjoying the many charms of northern Spain in a more authentic atmosphere.

Before Ernest Hemingway made it famous around the world by writing about it in one of his novels, Pamplona was already an important industrial city with a turbulent and interesting past that you can still see evidence of in the old parts of the town: battles between Romans and Basques, Basques and Visigoths, Visigoths and Muslims, Muslims and Christians… These events have forged the history and personality of the city and are fundamental in understanding how the country of Spain became the place that it is today. Not only that, but it can also give you a deeper insight into the language, as you understand the different ruling races which have come to this part of the world to conquer or fight and which have most certainly left behind their mark on the language of the people. Understanding the history can also go a long way towards understanding the culture in Spain, which is rooted in tradition and heritage.

Famous for its San Fermín festival in which the bulls run through the streets until they reach the bull fighting arena for the final show, Pamplona is also an interesting year round destination with a lot to offer once the crowds have disappeared. If you visit the city any month besides July you will find a beautiful and peaceful place which is perhaps the opposite of the image that most people have of it. Curiously, Pamplona is a city with much left to discover for visitors despite the fact that it is internationally known, largely because the fame of San Fermin has meant that many tourists are attracted here each year to completely change the city during that one month.

Come to learn Spanish in Pamplona and discover it all for yourself, and you will see why it has such a great appeal for anyone who visits this peaceful city away from the busy season!

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