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We understand that when you come to Spain to learn Spanish, you want to experience as much of this fascinating country as possible. However, when you sign up for a Spanish course with any other school, you're limited to one school in one city, leaving only the short weekends to hurriedly explore all the other places you want to see.

That's where Enforex comes in! Our extensive network of schools throughout Spain's top cities make it possible for students to follow the same course through as many Enforex destinations as they wish - at no extra cost! No matter where you are, we guarantee you the same outstanding quality teaching, modern facilities, standard methodology and support throughout our system of on-site services. It's one of the many things that make Enforex stand out.

Cities/Programs Combine all the Spanish schools in Spain with no extra fees following the same academic program.
Mix and match as many as you wish!
Course OptionsPart Time Intensive: 10 lessons / week
Intensive: 20 lessons / week
Intensive+Workshops: 20+5 lessons / week
Super Intensive + private lessons: 20+5 + 5 One on One lessons / week
Dates & DurationStart any Monday! Minimum 1 week, up to 1 year.
Minimum 1 week in each city.
ClassesMaximum 10 students per class (average 5-6). Cultural workshops & conversation classes: maximum 14
1 lesson = 55 minutes
All levels, from beginner to advanced.

Travel throughout all Enforex destinations!

Don't stress yourself out trying to cram visits to other cities into a weekend of frenzied tourism. Instead, immerse yourself in the cities that interest you, spending at least one week in each city. Taking your course on the road is a perfect way to become more familiar with each of Spain's unique regions, thus developing a multi-faceted perspective on the Spanish way of life.

Below you will find a few suggested Travel & Learn routes. If they're not quite what you're looking for, there's of course the Build Your Own option, which lets you custom-design your very own Travel&Learn Route 100% according to your tastes.

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