Summer Camp Phones & Email
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Camp Phones & Email

We know how important it is for you and your child to be able to keep in touch, so we've made it easy for campers to call home. Every student will receive an Enforex international calling card upon arrival that can be activated and charged with €5 and up at the camp's reception desk. Enforex phone cards can be used from any telephone, whether a land line on-campus or an off-campus phone while students are on an excursion.

Campers may also use their cellular phones to call home, but only during the designated hours set by each camp. Each facility has an answering machine where you can leave messages for your child and an emergency number in case you need to contact the camp director. We will send you this information one month before your child’s arrival.

All 8 summer language camps have computers with email access for the students' convenience.

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