Recreational Activities
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Additional activities

A variety of daily activities are included in the camp experience. For those campers looking to gain additional expertise in some activities, they can choose from one of the following options


16 classes per two- week period.
Find your spirit on Youtube. Are you ready to show the world your shorts and videos? Experiment and experience and incredible summer full of creativity. Create, edit and share your videos on YouTube and social media responsibly. Dream and imagine!


Madrid, Marbella Las Chapas and Mabella Elviria
12 classes per two- week period.
Using a combination of science, technology, engineering and math kids are presented with challenges to create and build robots. This course inspires kids to think creatively, work in teams and may even spark interest in a future career!


Madrid, Malaga, Marbella y Salamanca
12 classes per two-week period
Promoting creativity is essential for developing an open mind capable of seeing opportunities instead of barriers. In this workshop campers will also work on active listening, spontaneity, confidence and self-assurance

Public Speaking

12 classes per two-week period
Public speaking is difficult for everyone, but with Enforex kids learn to embrace it, have fun with it and use it as a powerful tool. By developing good public speaking skills early on, kids gain other valuable skills that will help them academically and professionally throughout their lives.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

12 classes per two-week period
Play hard and work hard! Experienced teachers inspire kids to imagine, dream and create their own business. They make it possible for kids to turn their passions (no matter what that might be!) into a full time job and take charge of their own future.

Modern Dance

Malaga and Marbella
12 classes per two-week period
Get down and funky! Modern dance class with Enforex is great for energetic kids of all levels and abilities. Our wonderful teachers are trained to work with kids and bring out the best in even the shyest dancer. Modern dancers see improvement in overall flexibility, coordination, body posture and self-esteem.


Madrid, Malaga, Marbella and Salamanca
12 classes per two-week period
Yoga is known to improve flexibility, self-esteem, healthy habits, focus and mental health. Our classes are fun (and sometimes silly!), taught by experienced instructors that love sharing their practice with children.


Malaga and Marbella
12 Classes per two-week period
Kids who take theater class have plenty of opportunity to ham it up on stage, learning dynamic acting techniques and enjoying the spotlight with new friends.

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