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DELE Exam Preparation 20

Have you ever dreamed of studying at a Spanish university or working for a company in a Spanish-speaking country? Make your dream a reality by officially certifying your Spanish language proficiency with the DELE Exam. At Enforex, our DELE Exam Preparation students have a pass rate of over 95%! Our students are successful because we offer an experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Course Description

Starting Dates 2-week course: Jan 28, Mar 25, May 13, July 1, Sep 2, 23, Nov 11

4-week course: January 14, Mar 11, Apr 29, Jun 17, Aug 19, Sep 9, Oct 28
Lessons per week 20 lessons
Duration2 or 4 weeks
Lesson Duration 55 min.
Class Size Max. 10 students per Spanish class


This course is perfect for curious, adventurous students who want to prepare for the DELE in the quickest way possible while still having the ability to enjoy the experience of being abroad. DELE Preparation students are ambitious and eager to earn their best score on the DELE and gain confidence in their overall proficiency.


You want to earn a DELE certification because it is internationally recognized by many businesses and universities, boosts your résumé and job prospects and gives you greater geographic mobility.

Why study with Enforex? Enforex offers the best classes taught by native Spanish speakers who are experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the DELE Exam, provide up-to-date, relevant material and are trained to equip you with the tools needed to succeed, no matter what your level is.

Classes focus on all major areas of the exam, including listening, speaking, writing, and reading.  And, not only do you have access to the best classes, but we also offer organized cultural activities and excursions with locals so that you get the full Spanish experience. Still thinking it over? More than 95% of our students pass the DELE.

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